About Us

eJournalPress is focused on providing web-based technology solutions for the scholarly publishing community. The company was initially founded as a software consulting service assisting companies in designing, programming, and deploying software and mission critical systems. In 1999 eJournalPress utilized this skill set to work with journals and publishers creating a new generation of web-based software tools to support manuscript submission, tracking, and peer review. The result of this engineering effort is EJPress.

EJPress addresses all steps of the editorial process from manuscript submission through manuscript acceptance using an easy-to-use interface. It uses patented workflow technology to automate most steps of the traditional peer review process and has over 5,000 configuration settings that allow eJournalPress to tune the software to each customer's needs.

eJournalPress extends the workflow tracking process through production with the addition of the Journal Production System, or JPS. The JPS is a completely customizable workflow engine that addresses every step in a journal's production tracking process from copyediting to export for posting on an online publishing platform. By exporting and importing data and files from external vendors, we have created a seamless production workflow tracking system.

Both eJournalPress products are supported by our expert Support Team, providing assistance to publications staff via telephone and email. Our support team is available to resolve issues, answer questions, and consult on publication workflow changes.

Mission Statement

eJournalPress provides hand tailored software through continuous innovation and individualized customer support solutions in an effort to promote science and scholarly publishing.

Privacy Policy

The eJournalPress Privacy Policy is available for download in PDF format here.